View Accepted Offers or Bids for your List of Diamonds


Click on a list to review our bids for your diamonds.
  • Select which offers to accept
  • You have 2 -12 minutes to decide
  • You assert the expected grade for ungraded diamonds


Click ACCEPT to create a Purchase Order
  • You agree to deliver by the end of the next business day
  • Or refresh the list for new bids — they change constantly depending on demand


Deliver your diamonds to your local GIA Lab for inspection
  • We pay COD as long as they match the Grading Report.
  • Ungraded diamonds must achieve the grades you assert.

On this page, you see our current bids for your entire list of diamonds: our terms are for local delivery, cash on delivery, upon confirmation that the diamonds match the cert, or upon grading and confirmation that they match the quality you promised.


If they are diamonds that we can use for the Diamond Standard commodities today, we will accept your asking price, or give you an instant COD bid.  Depending on the number of diamonds, you will have two to six minutes to accept our offer.


When you open a bid list, you have five to ten minutes to accept our offers. You select the individual offers that you accept.


You MUST be prepared to deliver these exact diamonds to the GIA Location, by the end of the next business day. If you do not deliver as agreed, you will be penalized.


You can include ungraded round diamonds and parcels, below $800 per carat, within the GIA grade ranges that we purchase. You must assert a grade range, and we will have the diamonds graded by the GIA. If the GIA Report grades are below your assertion, we will return the diamonds to you and charge you a penalty, in addition to the GIA fees. Repeat misstatements of expected grades, or failures to deliver will result in your suspension or removal from the DSE.


Select the diamonds that you agree to deliver, and press ACCEPT to automatically generate a Purchase Order for

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