Quick Diamond Sale or COD Bid


Enter GIA Report #s, location, and your asking price for an instant sale or bid.  For up to 12 GIA graded diamonds.
  • For next day delivery to your GIA Lab ONLY.
  • Round, 0.23 to 0.75 ct (1.99 soon), D-L, FL-SI2, VG Cut or better


Click ACCEPT to create a Purchase Order
  • You have 2 to 6 minutes to decide
  • Inclusions welcome, printed GIA paperwork not required


Deliver your diamonds to your local GIA Lab for inspection
  • We pay COD as long as it matched the Grading Report.

For a quick quote, or to sell one to twelve diamonds you can deliver to your local GIA Lab by the end of business tomorrow, just enter the GIA Report numbers, the Location, and your best asking price.

If they are diamonds that we can use for the Diamond Standard commodities today, we will accept your asking price, or give you an instant COD bid.  Depending on the number of diamonds, you will have two to six minutes to accept our offer.

You MUST be prepared to deliver these exact diamonds to the GIA Location you specified, by the end of the next business day. If you do not, there will be penalties, potentially including suspension or removal from the DSE.

To close the sale, press ACCEPT, and a Purchase Order will be generated for you to review and confirm.

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