The Diamond Standard Exchange is where all diamonds are purchased for Diamond Standard commodities. We buy only from registered vendors, who are established diamond manufacturers and dealers around the world.  Vendors offer us diamonds for instant cash purchase or bids. We do not buy diamonds from consumers.


We purchase diamonds using a regulator-approved and audited process. Our system automatically buys or bids on thousands of round diamond types, to acquire statistical samples of a large range of natural supply, and then we pay COD with no returns.

All vendors must be existing GIA & IGI Clients, and deliver the diamonds to their local IGI Lab for confirmation. We handle global settlement and customs.

A Diamond Standard Coin.
The world’s first and only regulator-approved diamond commodity.

Each Diamond Standard Coin contains a statistically calibrated set of natural diamonds. They add up to the same aggregate geological scarcity, so the Coins all trade at the same market price. The commodity is brilliant. Inside is a wireless computer chip, that lets you audit, authenticate and trade your coin.

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